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Hints and Tips - The 2 Best Secret Show Stoppers
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A Beautiful Online Booth is Nice, But...
Having a beautiful, attractive tradeshow booth is important, but definitely not everything. The two most overlooked secrets to having a successful tradeshow experience are:

1. Followup
Collecting vital visitor contact information of potential customers and clients is crucial for the all important task of "followup."

When you return home from your tradeshow, you should immediately devote time to contacting all, graciously thanking them for the opportunity and privilege to have met.

As a gesture of good will and thanks, you can offer them a gift or gift with purchase,anything they will perceive as being valuable and generous on your part.

Remember to ask them for their permission to contact them on a continual basis with future attractive offers.

Followup is one of the most important tools of "tradeshowing." Too many times, exhibitors create spectacular booths with a number of attractive incentives, and then, upon completion of the event, forget to "keep in touch."

Don't be one of those who squandors this important opportunity to set up lifelong contacts and customers.

2. An emotionally positive experience for your booth visitors
Striking up a friendly conversation, making a connection person to person is probably the most valuable business advice one could proffer.

The relationship you create with your client is paramount. In the brief moments of opportunity that you have to attract passerbys, your warmth, genuineness, and positive approach will be as important as the quality and desirability of your merchandise. Use this time, wisely.