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Efashiontradeshow started with the vision of providing the latest for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. Since its' inception in 1996,Efashiontradeshow has grown from a mother-daughter dream to one of the web's most outstanding shopping experiences.

Wouldn't you love to go back and see what you missed at WWIN ?

Maybe you got too tired, or just ran out of time, or maybe your 'open to buy' was filled up... and, you wish you would have ordered that line you saw, that you can't remember the name of... now, you can shop our E Fashion Tradeshow directory online, by picture, instead of a name only directory and FIND THAT LINE...


Welcome to our new and exciting 'buyers tryst'.... I designed especially with you in mind.

Hi, I'm Kitt, designer, writer, musician, and Jane of all trades.... I've been the happy owner of high fashion boutiques in Solana Beach and La Jolla, in beautiful San Diego, California, for a total of 20 years.

Our specialty is serving women of all ages, finding the perfect cuts, the most sumptuous fabrics, and the best prices.

Buying is the key to success, as you already know...

It's great fun and a lot of hard work, providing the public with real help to look their best. It requires lots of inventory, and a full variety choices.

I shop shows, 2 times a year, and in between shows all I can do is restock with reorders, and wait for shipments. I inevitably wish I had ordered something I passed by at a show, and can't find it because I don't remember the name of the line. It's very frustrating!

Searching through tons of brochures and business cards takes way too much time and energy, with little or no reward.

One day I thought, "I wish someone would put up a site that duplicated the shows we attend by picture, so we could find lines from our own computers and save money, travel time, exhaustion, and memory overload..."

Yep, you guessed it ......it was a tough job but somebody had to do it...

Introducing for the first time ever, the one, and only, the original,

e Fashion Tradeshow

a unique directory presented by picture & name......for your shopping pleasure and ease.

It's not only easy, and convenient for the buyer, but for the vendor's as well, as they can add or subtract the available lines with a simple email to us. We do all the work, so you don't have to!  

No more expensive brochure's that are obsolete and inaccurate within a couple of months after they are printed, plus you're saving lots of trees, and dump sites. If we don't stop making trash where will we put it ? There are so many great reasons to use this site! : )